Preserving the authentic Vietnamese coffee values of Virota


Embarking on

a journey

Virota cherished the desire to find and preserve the “Original Taste” value of Vietnamese Coffee in the mid-nineteenth century. The time when the first coffee trees took root, absorbing the essence of Vietnam’s heaven and earth. The taste that at the dawn of the “morning coffee culture” began to captivate our ancestors.

The aspiration

from the high plateau

On the highlands, there is a rich basalt red soil. VIROTA has nurtured pure coffee trees, combined with indigenous people to cherish and care for them according to standard organic processes (4C, Rainforest Alliance). And then the spiritual energy of the highland sky and earth crystallized, converging in bunches of ripe, red, plump fruits. Gives very high economic value.

The journey

intertwined with a mission

VIROTA always understand the hard work of fertilizing in a pure way, so VIROTA has always accompanied people to support them, helping them increase their income and improve their quality of life. Because, out of love and passion, they “spent their entire youth” to join VIROTA in finding and preserving the “Original” value of Vietnamese Coffee.

The combination

of tradition and modernity

VIROTA is proud to be a Coffee producer and processor with a modern, closed technology line. The system of fresh milling, sorting, roasting, dissolving… Fully meets strict standards for domestic and international Coffee products. With the desire to keep the “original value” of Vietnamese Coffee, it is also the desire to bring consumers in the homeland and the world a clean, quality and safe product for health.
Nhà Máy Virota Cafe




The product meets strict quality criteria, providing consumers in the homeland and the world with a clean, quality and safe product for health.


Value for
the community

Encourage sustainable development, bring high income to farmers and improve their quality of life

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Commit to not using herbicides or chemicals that are harmful to the soil, and apply soil improvement measures with microbiological fertilizers and organic fertilizers to bring nutrients to the soil.



Sustainable, quality production, contributing to the country's economic development as well as bringing high quality products to the world